Post Abortion Syndrome

The term “post abortion syndrome” was first used in 1981 by Vincent Rue, a psychologist and trauma specialist, in testimony before Congress in which he stated that he had observed post-traumatic stress disorder which developed in response to the stress of abortion. He then proposed the name “post abortion syndrome” to describe the phenomenon.

Post abortion syndrome is a disorder that overwhelms a person’s normal defense mechanisms, resulting in intense fear, feelings of hopelessness/loss of control. It is thought to be the result of the fight or flight defense mechanisms in our bodies. While not all women who have had an abortion experience post abortion syndrome, we are here to help those women who are struggling to deal with the pain of losing a child through abortion. Symptoms will not necessarily appear at the same time, nor is it likely that any woman will experience the entire list.

Some symptoms occur immediately after an abortion, others much later.

• Guilt
• Depression
• Preoccupation with becoming pregnant again
• Flashbacks
• Nightmares
• “Anniversary Syndrome”
• Anxiety
• Self-punishing or Self-degrading behaviors
• Interruption with bonding process with present/future children
• Alcohol and drug abuse

If you are a woman who is post-abortive and have experienced more than two of these symptoms, you could be suffering from Post – Abortion Syndrome. We are here to help!

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